Honeycomb and Sandwich Panel Bonding Adhesives

Coretex has a range of Adhesives specifically designed for Honeycomb core bonding as it is critical to get good adhesion between the the skin and the thin edge of the Honeycomb core. Our Adhesives are also suitable for all forms of sandwich panel bonding with solid cores.

CORETEX Adhesive Solutions

Honeycomb Core and Sandwich Panel Adhesive Systems

  • Adhesives specifically designed to bond Honeycomb Cores
  • Also suitbale for foams, rockwool, etc.
  • Cold cure or Heat cure
  • Variable open times from 4 minutes to 4 hours
  • Exceptionally high peel strength
  • Very cost effective
  • Solvent free

Honeycomb Panel Bonding Adhesive Systems

We can supply

  • 2 Part Structural Epoxies
  • 2 Part Solvent Free Structural PU
  • Eco Friendly Solvent Free Flushing and Purging Systems
  • Supplied in 0.5kg bottles to 1000kg IBC units
  • Self mix Twin packs of 0.25Kg to 3kg
  • UK Manufactured
  • Very competitive pricing

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